Healing & Counselling

How does it work?

My belief lies in the Essenian way,

this defines my life and my work.

This approach is impregnated by compassion,

genuine support and care.

The aim of the journey is to help you align

the body with its divine essence,

restoring a harmonious circulation in the subtle

and physical bodies, nadis, chakras and sub-chakras;

promoting the screening and elimination of toxic

thought-forms, identify and heal wounded memories

blocked in the cells of the body

and release unhealthy emotions

to trace back to the source of discomfort

and promote deep healing and transformation.

How is this approach different

from others?

My sessions are not passive, receiving way of healing.

We dive deep together into the most

hidden shadows of the self.

I hold your hand and hold the light for you to see and express what needs healing and acceptance.

I will guide you on how to directly access

your innate ability to receive information from the inner source and realise

the healing potential that lies within you.

In this way, you will be able to take full

responsibility for your life and well being.

Feeling empowered and aware of the unconscious mechanisms of your existence,

but also the beauty that shines within you.

Availble tools:

  • Holistic Counselling
  • Egyptian/Essene therapies
  • Energy healing
  • Soul Plan reading
  • Aura tuning
  • Life coaching
  • Petals programme
  • Voice attunement healing
  • Bach's flowers
  • EFT / Limiting self-belief
  • Meditation / Grounding
  • Parts work & sub-personalities
  • Distant healing
  • Space energetic cleaning & harmonization

These approaches can be combined or experienced separately.

After our first assessment,

we will discuss the best way to move forward.

Start Your journey now!

Timing & Pricing

FREE Initial Assessment | 30 minutes

Single session £60

3 sessions £ 150

5 sessions  £ 230

Cancellation policy

Please note 24 Hours notice is required for all cancellations or otherwise a minimum of 50% of the total treatment price will be charged.

Healing Bundle