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Maria Pareo

Energy Healing & Counselling

Soul Plan reading & Aura tuning

Soul Plan Reading has its roots in ancient Jewish gematria, inspired

by Moses's numerology.

The readings are based on the vibrational, numerical and symbolic correspondence of the letters of your full name.

During the reading, we will focus on the most important things you need to acknowledge in the here and now.

This reading will give you a deeper understanding of why you have or are experiencing certain challenges in your life, how to recognize and activate your talents so you can pursue your goals and finally realign with your life purpose.

The session is divided into 3 parts:

  • Reading.
  • Purpose realignment and energy cleansing.
  • Atlantian chants, positive self-belief and suggestions.

Delivey included

Bach's flowers Reading + Remedies

Bach flowers are named after Edward Bach

born in Mosley (UK) September 24, 1886.

This method is based on the use of 38 natural remedies derived from flowers that act at the level of subtle energy vibrations.

The remedies are free from side effects and do not interfere with medicines. These remedies allow better resistance to physical disorders and greater serenity and acceptance of oneself.

How does it work?

You will receive a 30 minutes Tarot reading

in which we will discuss causes of the imbalance 

and find the perfect blend of flowers for you.

We will update every 2 weeks to see how the treatment is going and eventually modify the compound.

The remedy will be also consecrated especially for you.

Maria Pareo

Energy Healing & Counselling



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