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CHAKRAS for beginners

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  • Corse dates: 19th June - 15th July - 14th August      13th September - 9th October                                              6th November - 4th December
  • Course Type: Online Course, ZOOM live sessions.
  • Duration: 11 hours.
  • Syllabus: 7 classes modules.
  • Price: £105 or £15 individual session. 
  • Certificate: PDF Certificate of attendance

          (optional hard copies £10)

  • Support: Tutor support and Pdf notes material included.
  • Exams/Essay: Exam fees are included.
  • Extras: £10 discount on your next purchase

"Thank you, Maria, for a wonderful introduction to the chakras!

It was an amazing insight into meditation and has helped me immensely! Xx"


"Thanks, Maria, I now know how to ground myself, and I really needed this skill, and it has helped me greatly.

I admire her teaching skills plus her ability to make one feel at ease whatever our level of expertise.

I left feeling relaxed and grateful and the whole day was an all round success in terms of learning and practising". Deborah.

Course Description

This online course is designed to help the participants reconnect to the deepest parts of their true self and improve their intuitive and healing abilities.

During this journey, we will explore all the main energy centres (chakras). We will dedicate some time to every single chakra: descriptions of their meaning and features will be provided and you will be guided to practice specific exercises and meditations that will help you experience and eventually rebalance those points in your energy system that require more presence and attention.

My purpose is to create a safe, playful and light environment for you to feel supported and comfortable.

I have chosen for you some self-healing techniques and modalities that can be applied to everyday life.

It is important for all the participants to be aware that this path is a mindful and self-conscious exploration of the deep aspects of themselves and cannot be approached with superficiality.

Every time we open our doors to 'change' we generate movement inside and outside us. We invite you to be present and open to welcome your best and all the understanding that may manifest along this enlightening path, without any judgments or straining.


  • Chakra, meaning and features
  • Practical experience/Meditation
  • Harmonization (Egyptian/Essene method)
  • Sound Toning
  • Hands activation
  • Chakras subtle scan
  • Densifying prana for self-healing
  • EFT
  • Limiting self-belief VS Positive self-belief
  • Grounding
  • Psychic Art
  • Sharing

Course Syllabus

Chakras for beginners classes are a mix of theoretical and practical experiences.


EARTH - Self Embodiment, grounding & physical boundaries.


WATER - The power of manifestation and the inner child.


FIRE – Confidence, the power of E-motions, relationships.


AIR – Balance, giving & receiving, forgiveness and acceptance.


ETHER - Self-expression and sound.

6 AJNA - “I See”

LIGHT – Developing Intuition and psychic abilities.

7 SAHASRARA - “I Connect”

COSMO - Higher and Divine connection.

8 PARAMA SHIVA - “I am one”

UNIVERSE – The breath of life, Integrating celestial & earthly energies.

Course Overview

To enrol on Chakras for beginners course there is no experience or previous qualifications required.

The course is available to all students, of all backgrounds.

The Chakras for beginners course will cover a comprehensive range of 7 classes.

You will have live online access to the classes, pdf notes materials.

Some parts of the audio recording will be available in exchange for feedback after the course.

Whether you are looking to gain more knowledge about chakras, starting a journey within your energy healing field, this online course is perfect!

The course will help you to develop confidence and knowledge on this topic, helping to add real value to your life and personal development.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Recognise unbalances within your chakras, use your hands for self-healing, understanding meaning, location and purpose of each Chakra, Consciously breathe, and much more.


Once all the classes are complete delegates will take a final quiz/test, with some questions contained within the entire course to help you assimilate the syllabus.

The tutor will value the test and give responses within 2 weeks.

Course Duration & Format

This course is divided into 7 classes (1.5 hr each) and is delivered online through ZOOM.

The learners will receive all the information regarding access to the course after applying.

Refund & Cancellation policy:

Once you have paid the fees there will be no refunds if your circumstances do not allow you to attend the classes. 

48hr notice is required if you cannot attend a class.

In this case, you will receive a voucher to spend within 30 days, when possible,

on a course of your choice.

How it Works

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About your tutor:

Maria's mission is to provide a genuine, compassionate and safe space for you to explore and express freely. Her aim is to empower you, supporting you in becoming the best person you can be.

Maria's speciality is helping people grow, developing self-awareness, creativity, healthy boundaries, self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem, alignment and connection.
The values that inspire her are authenticity, self-expression, care, heartedness, creativity, discipline, humility, compassion, freedom, independence, connection, wisdom and balance.


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