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"There are no words that could justify how great of a healer Maria truly is. She is genuine of heart and when I met her, I had no idea what she could see in me. I was totally in my mind, a thousand thoughts per second... After a few sessions of the essene therapy with her, my whole entire life changed. I was fully in my heart space. I let go of many things that did not serve my higher self. I was free. I could hear my heart song the loudest I've ever heard. The art I produced was totally cosmic. I had major downloads of amazing beautiful messages. From angels, my higher self and passed family. I have never felt so in tune with the universe or myself, more importantly. My vibration changed for the highest benefit forever after seeing her. Maria never once told me what to do. Or gave her opinion to me. She never looked at me funny and often thanked ME for sessions! She always listened and nodded with understanding. Hayley"

"Meetup with Maria was excellent. Very gentle and at same time extremely powerful kind presence and energy, highly intuitive, insightful and understanding. Very grateful for the encounter and safe space she created. Thank you. Nathan".

"No matter where my life takes me, I know I’ll always remember that Maria helped me point in the right direction. 
I am happy to recommend Maria to anyone who is looking for somebody to trust, she has a very genuine heart & a kind spirit, I felt it the very 1st time I met her. Maria is an extraordinary individual, Beautiful inside and out she is very passionate about her Reiki healing sessions, she has a true calmness. I found with my sessions, that she adds a presence and joyful warmth to the healing sessions I had with her. I remember 1 of our sessions which was a group session was quite fun and Maria is able to engage with multiple people and still hold that connection. With my one on sessions I noticed Maria was able to hold a space of such wholeness, such that you feel that deep connection. I was glad to have found Maria, One of the 1st thing she said to me that she can only guide me in the right direction & that the rest would be up to me, and as I continue on my journey I’ll always remember that. If you have found these words then take comfort in knowing you are in good hands and if you choose to have sessions, then, it is, a simple yes.  Jules"

"This was a very informative introduction to the first chakra, (Muladhara). Thanks to Maria, I now know how to ground myself, and I really needed this skill, and it has help me greatly. I admire her teaching skills plus her ability to make one feel at ease whatever our level of expertise. I left feeling relaxed and grateful that I had learnt a new skill, and the whole day was an all round success in terms of learning and practising. Deborah "

"It was wonderful to meet so many beautiful souls. Maria created a sacred space for us to relax, connect with our souls and create. Messages I received from within were deep. I left with new knowledge and skills that will definitely enrich me in my journey. " Love and light, Gulnara

“Thanks Maria for holding such a beautiful sacred space, from a place beyond ego and mind, where magic can happen! Such an interesting and important topic, everything felt very natural and profound. I will come back!♡“ Mokira

"Another wonderful workshop with Maria who is a true Light worker and creates a safe and magical space for a journey of transformation and experience of deep love and connection with the self and the world. It is also do interesting and unusual to connect through the power of water and colours. Healing, creativity and inspiration. Thank you". Agnieszka

"What a wonderful time!! Thank you for being You and holding a safe and friendly space for us all to express ourselves. Can't wait to see what you offer next. I'll be there. Blessings ❤️ " Stephanie

“What a magical afternoon together - thank you so much, dear Maria! My inner child feels very loved“ Matt

"Loverly group and Maria has charm and grace...fasinating and like to experience some more....many thanks x" Tom.

“Great meetup! Always a warm atmosphere, with an interesting mix of insight & creative expression.“ Andrew

“ The therapy is absolutely fascinating, Maria held the space beautifully and the exercises were very enriching. I am looking forward to learn more about it! ” Veronica

“ Very enlightening to say the least. Jeff

“Maria shared her knowledge of this ancient and sacred therapy in a beautiful way and more than that, she made us feel what it is about. Lovely experience and would like to explore this more. Many thanks x“  Manuela

It was a very nice experience. Maria has done couple things from healing myself to my aura to cleaning and to mending my finger.

It was a very emotional and self loving session for me... big big reveal of inner fears and screams and big big reveal of closed me inside me. Happiness of myself was able to come out and breathe …The healing of finger has been calmer - I didnt feel hot/warm -I felt spiral movements around the tip of my finger ; going round and round . Still numbness bit not as frustrating as before. I think is healing slowely. Now I have slowed down to the same tempo in order for my finger to heal. Now I do use only plaster to protect fresh layer of my skin. No plaster at night …

The colours I have seen in myself :) Thank you ❤️ Daria

"I had a soul reading with Maria. This moment was amazing for me, something I experienced before but not at this intense level.This soul reading gave me the same feeling as synchronicity or dimensional shifting. When you do something that changes the path of your life and you see the energy around you vibrating ( like when it's too hot in summer and you look in the distance on a road ). The description Maria made of myself, my history, how I feel in this World is really accurate. The more striking for me is what she found about my lineage, my matriarcal-archetyped family. She said that she couldn't see my mum, and I have no memories of my mum during my childhood. She is alive, we call each other very often and I told her two years ago that I had only memories of my grandmother (her mother). Maria channeled this. She also had an insight about my father, the supporting figure, centre of my life.The only one who new I was weird before I acknowledged it myself !Then she spoke about my challenges and my life purposes.

I felt lost, looking for answers, trying to fit in the box somehow. And she revealed me why I had this feeling of "I don't belong here". Then Maria offered me a energetic treatment with chant. It was so powerful, wow ! I felt in my heart and throat chakra the power of this vibrating intention. I cried a lot, but as the very professional therapist she is, Maria has lots of tissues and water. I felt comforted, held in a safe space. In the evening I was exhausted laying on my bed, arms open, my palms started to heat. Then I felt a rotation in this energy, swirling in the palms of my hands. I put one on my heart chakra and I "swallowed" the other energy ball. Falling asleep, I saw blue sparkles everywhere. What else to say ?Thank you Maria! Aurora"

"Egyptian/Essene therapies are amazing!!  I have tried a number of therapies in the past but nothing has helped me like this.  It is so gentle and supportive yet powerful and transformative.  Each session has been a revelation.  Maria herself is also very gentle and supportive and is a very gifted lady.  I am so glad to have met her and have her walk with me on this journey.  Shirley" 

"Egyptian/Essene therapies are amazing!!  I have tried a number of therapies in the past but nothing has helped me like this.  It is so gentle and supportive yet powerful and transformative.  Each session has been a revelation.  Maria herself is also very gentle and supportive and is a very gifted lady.  I am so glad to have met her and have her walk with me on this journey.  Shirley" 

"I attended one of Maria workshops and I was surprised by her work. A gentle and profound approach that allowed me to reach deep parts of myself. I warmly recommend her workshops." Ivana

I really can’t recommend Maria enough for helping me heal from trauma, the support she gives is truly wonderful, a genuine soul. I have learnt so much about myself through Maria’s help and can’t thank her enough. Ali.

I did my first workshop today about abundance, I found it moving and powerful, Maria is able to lead a class in an amazing way. I have benefitted from her teaching and highly recommend her. Jenny.

Just finished an amazing workshop with Maria today! Very powerful! Thank you from the depths of my heart! Kate.

Maria is a therapist who works from the heart of her soul. She is genuinely here to support you along your path. She is a Wonderful being, and I deeply thank her for how she is allowing me to grow. Raphaelle.

Thank you Maria for a wonderful introduction to the chakras! It was an amazing insight into meditation and has helped me immensely! Xx" Revathy.

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