Magic Sacks

What are Magic Sacks?

What are Magic Sacks?

Magic Sacks are a traditional way of the past used to absorb and keep low energies away. The use of rock salt is a powerful earthy element that helps us clean and purifies the environment, also ourselves from stagnant and low energies while providing protection.

What's inside?

Each Magic Sack has a different mission and you will find the specifics below.

Inside there is rock salt, various oils Bach's remedies, a stone/crystal and fabric.

Through the process of consecrating the sack, I have also purified, amplified and energized all these elements with Sacred Sound and Healing Light.

What do I do with it?

You can bring the Magic Sack with you anytime, keep it in a bag, place it in a special room of the house,

do what you feel is best.

You can recharge it under any full or new moon to release the low energies and recharge the crystal.

After 6/9 months open the sack, thank it for all the work it has done and you can throw the salt into water or on the earth.

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The purpose of the Mary Magdalene Magic sack is to help

realign you with your authentic self, awake confidence,

self-expression with being yourself, unconditionally.

The elements I have chosen for this specific sack are connected to the qualities of clarity, strength, confidence, grounding, determination, compassion, connection

and emotional stability.

Inside there is rock salt, Mandarine essential oil, Clove leaf essential oil, Bach's remedies (Rescue Remedy, Gentian, Agrimony, Centauri, Larch) a red jasper stone from the chalice well and recycled fabric.

Divine Mother Magic Sack coming soon

Mary Magdalene Magic Sack

The Divine Mother Magic Sack will remind you that the nurturing vibrations of the Divine Mother are within you right now.

She will protect and assist you during pregnancy, labour, postpartum and during the birth of a new project or idea, helping you to keep the energies grounded and well balanced.

The elements I have chosen for this specific sack are connected to the qualities of nourishment, stability, care, trust, tranquillity, protection, support and balance.

Inside there is rock salt, rose oil, lavender oil, Bach's remedies (Rescue Remedy, Impatient, Red Chestnut, Chicory)

a rose quartz crystal and fabric.