Energy Charger/Coaster

What are Energy Coaster?


The energy chargers/coasters are hand made and can be purchased as a single item or a set of 2 (or more).

Please note each charger is unique and may have some minimal variations from the one in the pictures.

The item is new and comes in its own packaging and meaning on the front of the box.


PRICE: 1 x £10 | BUY 2 x £15


You can use this charger/coaster in many ways:

  • To inform, charge, energise and purify water, stones, crystals, food, various objects
  • As a decoration
  • As a candle holder
  • As a coaster

Meaning of the flower of life:

The flower of life represents the cycle of creation. It contains 13 informational systems, and each one explains an aspect of reality. It holds the most significant and sacred pattern of the universe and it is believed to be a sort of blueprint for all life, from atoms to planets and everything in between.

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Gold & White Energy Charger Set of 2  | £15

Gold Energy Charger Single | £10

White Energy Charger Single | £10