About me

Hi, I 'm Maria!

My life is a creative exploration of the profundity of the Self.

My curiosity and sensitivity made me research and dig into the different shades of life since I was a child in many different ways.

To me, the hands and sound are the bridges

of the eternal light flow and I let them guide me,

as I always knew that they are connected

to a bigger source that I deeply trust.

My story

My journey started many years ago at the Holistic academy in Rome and continued straight after with Bernard Rouch and the Egyptian/Essene therapist training. I am also a Holistic Counsellor (HHC), Life coach, Reiki practitioner, Intuitive and Visionary Artist.

The Egyptian/Essene journey helped me to let go,  heal and integrate different experiences and parts of myself in a very profound way.

I was finally able to accept and integrate my light, likewise my shadows.

I felt for the first time the only owner of my life,

free to make my own choices!

This path walked me far from the illusion of myself

and closer to who I really am.

How I can help you

You are born from the light to be light.

But often non healed wounds, illusions,

suppressed emotions & feelings, confusion and stress,

drive us away from who we truly are.

Working with me will help you understand yourself on a deeper, more authentic level and allow you to release traumas and unhealthy life patterns that are blocking you from moving forward in life.

Though essentially body-based, my approach works not only on the physical level but also emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels to enhance intuition, independence and self-trust.

Together we create a space in which everything is possible

and nourish that light that you often hide.

You can overcome whatever journey you are on.

Be proud and embrace your self



  • 2011 Holistic Academy 
  • 2012 - 2015 Egyptian/Essene Diploma Course.
  • 2015 - 2016 Advanced Egyptian/Essene training.
  • 2016 Reiki Level 1
  • 2017 Reiki Level 2
  • 2017 Holistic Counselling Diploma
  • 2017 Soul Plan reading Diploma
  • 2017 Life Coaching Diploma
  • 2018 Occupational therapies and Autism
  • 2018 First ID
  • 2018 DBS
  • 2018 Safeguarding
  • 2020 Teacher/Tutor Diploma