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Maria Pareo


Egyptian/Essene Healing Techniques

Inspired by Bernard Rouch approach

We are so proud to announce the first Egyptian/Essene Healing techniques certified course in the UK

This training is highly inspired by Bernard's teaching and healing approach. Bernad has been a great source of inspiration and unconditional love for us. He taught us the consistency and importance of walking one's words. The importance of watering seeds and gifts that we carry within us with humility and courage. He has always pushed us to dare, to go out of our comfort zones, exploring new limits without fear. For this, we have deep gratitude. Bernard will participate in the advanced courses in the years to come, workshops and conferences will be organized with him in the future. 

Some info about Bernard Rouch:

Bernard Rouch trained as an engineer (Degree in Engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse and Masters at the Higher National School of Telecommunications in Paris). Since adolescence, he developed a great sensitivity to the approach of subtle bodies and to energetic and metaphysical reality. He learnt these therapies directly from Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois, and for over twenty years he has taught to an increasing number of students in various countries, among which Italy, France, Spain and Canada (Québec). He is now also developing programs for the English-speaking world, thanks to ever-increasing demand.

Maria pareo - Tutor and Organizer

Maria has completed Bernard Rouch 3 year foundation training and several years of advanced courses. She has also helped as an assistant in the following foundation courses. 

I am a fully qualified, holistic therapist and tutor.

I live in the colourful town of Brighton and I was born in Rome, Italy.

I started attending the holistic Academy in Rome at a very young age and continued with Bernard Rouch to become an Egyptian/Essene therapist and assistant. ( 3 years training + advances courses).

I have continued my holistic studies in London learning Reiki and attending the holistic healing college to become a qualified energy counsellor, life coach and soul plan reader (Frank Alpha).

My healing approach is a mix of different techniques I have learned, intuitively discovered and experienced through the years of studying, researching and practising. Psychic reading, aura tuning, sound healing and voice attunement (Milky voice) are some of the tools used during healing sessions and workshops.

Raphaëlle Gairouard - Senior Student

I left the South of France in July 2019, where I was born and raised, to come to Brighton where I was longing to discover and experience new fields and opportunities. In France, I studied psychology for 4 years, but I realized it wasn't the path aligned with my soul purpose. I wanted to find and research more holistic approaches to help people in different and deeper ways. I have attended "Ericksonian Hypnosis" training, which allowed me to express my creativity freely. My intuition was also telling me that something else was missing, that's when I found in Brighton the Egyptian-Essene therapies, in which I can express my soul and use my hands for healing. 

Agnieszka Roznowska - Sadraei - Guest Tutor

I am an Acupressure and Zen Shiatsu therapist and have just begun Qi Gong teacher training focusing on Shibashi and Baduanjin forms. I have enjoyed regular meditation, embodiment and mindful movement practices for several years now, seeking to connect with the Source and Spirit and develop a positive awareness of my body through Japanese Yoga (Makko Ho) and Thai Qi. At present, I am attending a Mindfulness for Health course and am fascinated by the work of John Kabat Zinn. Experiencing the healing power of nature since early childhood I have taken part in Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) practitioner’s training. To deal with the challenges of everyday life I practice a 2-steps Growing Good experiential method of lasting change and healing inspired by Rick Hanson’s theories of Experience-Dependent Neuroplasticity and positive post-traumatic growth. My practice is also hugely enriched by BioSpiral Qi Gong and Tibetan Sound Healing as taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

Maria Pareo


Therapist & Tutor







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