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Egyptian/Essene Healing Techniques | Level 1

following the teaching of Bernard Rouch

This is an accredited and insurance eligible professional diploma in Egyptian/Essene Healing Techniques

and Energy Healing.

This training is a professional course specially designed to provide you with the most important and indispensable tools moving forward into the vast Holistic field.

Alongside the learning of the Egyptian/Essene techniques, you will also learn and experience a variety of Holistic healing practices. You will learn the foundation of what healing is, how to approach a patient for the first time, how to keep healthy boundaries, basic communication skills, how to develop and grow your unique healing abilities and how to remain centred in difficult situations.

 What we aim to share is anchored in sacred traditions that find their roots deep in our hearts. 

We want to support you to become healing itself, shining and reflecting your true colours into this world.

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£25 - 45 minutes

Energy counselling initial assessment

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Egyptian/Essene Healing Techniques

Level 1

April, 2020

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