EEHT Application Form

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download, complete and send back to the EEHT Application form.

PEASE NOTE: The last day to enrol for EEHT Diploma course will be te 22nd December 2020.


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Privacy Notice:

We take your privacy seriously, and will never pass on your details to anyone else.

Costs & Deposit

Course full cost:  £1500

  • Pay £300 Initial deposit by the 22nd of December 2020 + £120 direct payment for 10 months.


    or use the Paypal link above.
  • Download the application form from the website and send it by email to

  • You will be contacted by phone to discuss the application with Maria.

Refund POLICY & TERMS and condition:

Once you are on the course and have paid the initial deposit there will be no refunds if your circumstances do not allow you to complete the course. Furthermore, it will always be assumed (unless we have been told otherwise in advance) that you will attend each subsequent module in your given schedule.

In case the course is postponed or cancelled we will refund you the deposit amount.

To qualify and accumulate the required hours, you must take at least 9 of the 10 modules. Missed modules can be taken at the retake fee, which is £65.

Final assessment and Diploma:

This is an insurance eligible professional diploma in Egyptian/Essene Healing Techniques and Energy Healing.

At the end of the course if you wish to receive your diploma and be qualified as a holistic therapist you need to provide a minimum of 10 case study and an Essay (max 10000 words) based on your own experience during the training.

There will also be an individual exam and demonstration (to be organized individually). At the end of the course, all students who have successfully completed the course and assessment receive one Diploma certificate at no charge.

However, replacements for lost / extra certificates will incur a £7.90 admin fee.