Egyptian/Essene Training - Januatry 2021
  • Starting date: 2021
  • Location: To be announced
  • Course Type: In-person Classes
  • Duration: 100 hours + 20 supervised  practice
  • Syllabus: 10 modules | 1.5-day mini-courses
  • Price: £1.500
  • Initial deposit: £300

         (to be paid before the 22nd of December 2020)

  • Monthly Fees: £120
  • Spots available: 16
  • Certificate: PDF Certificate + Hard copy
  • Support: Tutor support included 
  • Included Extras: printed notes and folder
  • 2 hand-made oils for therapies   
  • Free final individual assessment
  • Tea and snacks are included.
  • 10% discount on private sessions

Our approach:

The Egyptian Essene therapeutic art connects us to a sacred breath that passes through us like a wave, allowing us to become channels between heaven and earth.  Our approach is “spiritual” in the literal sense, allowing the spirit to guide our actions and is holistic because takes into account the person as a whole.

What we aim to share is anchored in sacred traditions that find their roots deep in our hearts. 

We want to support you to become healing itself, shining and reflecting your true colours into this world.

About the training:

The aim of the course is to provide a strong foundation for holistic therapist to be, a variety of healing tools that can support and can be integrated with any other modalities the attendee may already practice and to provide a safe and genuine space to explore the self authentically.

We take this training very seriously, aiming to support real integration and transformation for those there are truly motivated in learning this sacred and ancient healing approach. The purpose of our work is to be at service of higher wisdom with compassion and integrity to help you find the perfect balance between discipline and intuition.

It is important for all the participants to be aware that this path cannot be approached with superficiality. Every time we open our doors to 'change' we generate movement inside and outside us. I invite you to be aware and open to welcome with compassion all the understanding that may manifest along the way.


  • We will be working on the floor, just like our Essene brothers.

  • You will need to bring your own blanket.

  • Mats and chairs are provided from the venue.

  • If you suffer from any back condition, or you are uncomfortable sitting for too many hours on the floor please bring a cushion with you and let us know, we will make sure that you will be as comfortable as possible.

The tuition deals with all of the following:

  • Energetic harmonisation with the patient
  • Understanding the human body: physical, emotional, mental mechanism and its psychology
  • Developing intuition and sensitivity
  • Energetic healing
  • How to approach a patient for the first time
  • How to keep and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Basic counselling skills
  • How to remain centred in difficult situations
  • Aura tuning
  • Subtle bodies
  • Subtle dynamics
  • Nadis and Chakras
  • Healing sound - Voice attunement
  • Mindfulness and Meditations
  • Essential oils

Course Calendar 2021: 

Please note: Dates and syllabus may vary from time to time, you will be given 4 weeks notice before any changes occur.

  • 9/10 January

  • 13/14 February

  • 13/14 March 

  • 10/11 April

  • 15/16 May

  • 12/13 June

  • 10/11 July

  • 28/29 August

  • 5/6 September

  • 3 October

This is a professional Diploma course

Egyptian/Essene Healing Techniques

Inspired by Bernard Rouch approach

This training is inspired by Bernard's teaching and healing approach.

Bernad has been a great source of inspiration and unconditional love for us. He taught us the consistency and importance of walking one's words.

The importance of watering seeds and gifts that we carry within us with humility and courage. He has always pushed us to dare, to go out of our comfort zones, exploring new limits without fear.

For this, we have deep gratitude.



The Egyptian/Essene course was a professional and a personal adventure for me.

During the training, I have been able to learn different techniques, healing gestures, theoretical notions and it also touched parts of myself that I wasn't aware of before.

This holistic course is not only limited to learning protocols but It also allows you to go deeper into the divine aspect of life and become more aware of how everything is interconnected.

I felt very supported and connected with the sacred aspect of these therapies and my tutors, especially during the swaps, while giving and receiving the healings. It felt like I was in a peaceful, warm and quiet bubble, a place where you welcome everything that has to happen.

I have also really appreciated the exercises to sensibilize us on the attitude to adopt being a therapist, it has given me the tools to better understand how to support and accompany someone during the healing process and welcome them unconditionally.

This course has opened up my mind to another level of awareness of the functioning of the human being, understanding also the different subtle dimensions and the different aspects within us.

I have learned the subtle function of the main organs, how they are involved in the healing process on an energetic level, how everything is linked from the physical to the more subtle planes, how to connect with the underlying causes and mechanisms of someone behaviours and feelings, also how to energetically mirror someone else's energy, allowing me to feel the part of the patient's body I had to work on.


Giving yourself the permission to dive is beautiful yet uncertain. The waters of emotion... What will you see? What will you feel? What will be under your feet? Once you have decided, once you have said yes with all your heart, you take a long breath and you dive. Dive into the depth of your deepest ocean. Where the light cannot reach. The darkest canyons where nobody wants to look. The places where ancient beings hide, hoping not to be seen, yet desperately yearning to be loved. 

Maria takes your hand, she swims beside you, guiding you as far as you are willing to explore. She will never tell you where to swim, she will never tell you what to do. She will only ask you what you see. She has anticipated any and every possibility and waits with her heart full of love and acceptance.

There, in the trenches of your magnificent ocean, where the light of day has never been. You find the gold. The gold is not what it seems at first. The gold is disguised. Sometimes prickly, sometimes heavy, sometimes ugly. But it wants your LOVE. It wants to be seen, to be heard, to be released! 

You are safe, you are held, you are so so loved. Let it go, let it be free! Shine the light of love and set yourself free! You are brave, you have gone where not many dare! 

Now you can create with love, compassion and understanding. You can dance, sing, paint and build! And now you know how to see that space in others. Now you know how to hold it for them. You know what it's like to have hidden unseen crevasses. 

Maria is by far one of the most real, genuine, honest and kick-ass diving guides and facilitator in all the ocean galaxies. She is precisely clear and uncomplicated with her teachings. Her teaching style is very ordered, firm and fair.