Why start a healing journey?

During the course of life sometimes we disconnect, we forget who we really are and what we came to do.
We feel lost, confused, tired, overwhelmed

and out of balance.

The baggage of suffering and dissatisfaction that we carry, at times from a very young age, creates imbalances that reflect in all areas of our life.

I know how it feels in these moments,

this is why I am here to support

and guide you during this journey.

 Working with someone you can trust and doesn't judge, can help you change perspective.

I offer you a genuine space of self-exploration

where you can observe yourself authentically,

relieve your emotional loads

and heal what is holding you back from being you, unconditionally!

Hi, I 'm Maria

Starting a healing journey with a therapist

and finding the right approach

can be both exciting and confusing.

To help you decide if I am the right therapist

to work with we will have 30 minutes

online Free initial consultation.

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