Why start a healing journey?

During the course of life sometimes we disconnect, we forget who we really are and what we came to do.
We feel lost, confused, tired, overwhelmed

and out of balance.

The baggage of suffering and dissatisfaction that we carry, at times from a very young age, creates imbalances that reflect in all areas of our life.

I know how it feels in these moments,

this is why I am here to support

and guide you during this journey.

 Working with someone you can trust and doesn't judge, can help you change perspective.

I offer you a genuine space of self-exploration

where you can observe yourself authentically,

relieve your emotional loads

and heal what is holding you back from being you, unconditionally!

Hi, I 'm Maria

I am here to help you heal the past,

create a better future while focusing on the now.

Become YOU unconditionally!

Starting a healing journey with a therapist

and finding the right approach

can be both exciting and confusing.

To help you decide if I am the right therapist

to work with we will have 30 minutes

online Free initial consultation.


I had never experienced holistic counselling before and the journey so far has been simply life-changing.

Maria creates a calm, safe environment, without judgement, whereby I have been able to work through past traumas in a steady and comfortable way, always leaving me feeling

uplifted and empowered.

Concentrating on mind, body and soul, holistic counselling is by far the most powerful help that I have received.

Maria's professionalism is always accompanied by her pure kindness, wisdom and intuition. I believe it takes a very special person to do what she does.

Thank you for having such a profound effect on my journey

to recovery Maria. I will be forever grateful.


I contacted Maria out of curiosity after I joined one of her workshops

and I was impressed by her approach.

My experience with her is so positive that I couldn't recommend her more! Her work made me feel more grounded and made me realise that my body is a box of memories that sometimes scream

to be realised to leave space to new and happier events!

It was a roller-coaster.

An emotional journey is always personal and I can surely say that Maria is gentle, compassionate and an expert in what she does:

made me feel safe.

She perfectly understands why and where there is a blockage

and she consciously encouraged me to dive in those sections

of my past that were making me unhappy.

Like everything of value, it takes courage and a little effort but her work creates balance and openness and is very satisfying in the end


"I have tried a number of therapies in the past

but nothing has helped me like this. 

It is so gentle and supportive yet powerful and transformative.  Each session has been a revelation. 

Maria is very gentle and supportive and is a very gifted lady. 

I am so glad to have met her and have her walk with me

on this journey.


I had a soul reading with Maria. This moment was amazing for me.

This reading gave me the same feeling as synchronicity or dimensional shifting. When you do something that changes the path of your life and you see the energy around you vibrating.

The description Maria made of myself, my history,

how I feel in this World is really accurate.

The more striking for me is what she found out about my lineage,

my matriarchal-archetyped family.

Maria channelled this. She also had an insight about the only person who knew I was weird before I acknowledged it myself!

Then she spoke about my challenges and my life purposes.

I felt lost, looking for answers, trying to fit in the box somehow.

And she revealed to me why I had this feeling of "I don't belong here".

Then Maria offered me an energetic treatment with chant.

It was so powerful, wow! I felt in my heart and throat chakras the power of this vibrating intention. I cried a lot, but as a very professional therapist, she is, Maria has lots of tissues and water 😀

I felt comforted, held in a safe space. Falling asleep,

the night after the reading, I saw blue sparkles everywhere.
What else to say? Thank you Maria!