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I offer a variety of different journeys designed to experience and explore the multidimensional self in a friendly, creative, joyful and sacred environment.

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The journey through our Sacred Altars

Each meet up is designed to discover, explore and connect with each specific chakra. We will learn about the physical connections, the subtle planes and the specific characteristic related to each individual universe.
You will be able to recognise if there are any unbalances in your chakras and how to self harmonise them with different tools.
There will be 16 meet ups, 2 for each chakra. One will be dedicated to the 8th chakra and the last one will be an integration of the full journey.You can just attend the meet ups you are interested in or do the full journey (suggested).

The Cost for the single meet up is £12 or 2 X £20  ( PAYPAL: - All Journey £150 (16 meet ups)
LOCATION: coming soon

MULADHARA: Part 1: 31st Of May, 18:30 to 20:00 - Part 2: 7th of June 18:30 to 20:00








31st May & 7th of June - 18:30 - 20:00

MULADHARA, Part 1 & 2 (7th June)


      (MULADHARA PART 1 & 2):

  • MULADHARA location, meaning and features
  • The physical plane and the human incarnation
  • Exploring your subtle senses and boundaries
  • Harmonisation (Egyptian/Essene method)
  • Improve your intuition & healing abilities
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Grounding
  • Earth ceremony & Integration

LOCATION: Brighton, coming soon
Please bring a bottle of water with you

The journey will begin by exploring the Physical plane.
The relationship with the physical body, our incarnation and the material world. Looking at how strong our roots are, wether we feel stable in life, confident in who we are and are we energised. Are we nourished or tired? Grounded or ungrounded? We will also play with our boundaries, becoming more aware of them. You will learn some grounding techniques to feel more connected to mother earth, energised and nourished.

PART 2 :
In the second part of the journey we will explore the Sacred and subtle aspects of Muladhara, our potential blocks and creative potentials. We will activate our subtle senses and healing abilities to harmonise our root Chakra. Letting go of what we no longer need with love and gratitude. There will be an earth ceremony to end Muladhara's journey and to complement the experience and connect with mother earth .

Coming soon...

Psychic Art & Intuitive Aura tuning  Workshop


- General Introduction
- What is Intuition & what is physic art?
- Aura, subtle bodies and subtle senses
- Awakening and Intuitively exploring the energy field

- Meaning of colours and shapes
- Communication, respect and boundaries
- Activating 3rd eye vision
- Tuning into the Auric field

- Painting and drawing
- Sharing and questions
- Grounding & Final blessing

We are the sacred co-creators of this immense vastness that we call the “universe”.
Creativity and intuition are powerful healing tools, combined can help express, heal and manifest ourselves in an unlimited manner.
This work shop is designed to explore your subtle senses and auric field in a safe and playful environment.
This will help you reconnect with your higher self in a simple and intuitive way, bringing more clarity, trust and confidence when manifesting your abilities and intentions.
We will explore the world of colours and shapes, learning how to use them and interpret them for healing purposes.
Sharing experiences and exercises with others will also give you the opportunity to learn about boundaries, empathy, resonance and how to communicate in a therapeutic environment with respect and grace.

    THE COST OF THE WORKSHOP IS £25 Single OR £40 for 2 SPOTS (Paypal:
  • All the art material will be available at the work shop. However you are welcome to bring your own if you desire.

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