The Healing Journey package

This journey will be designed on your own specific needs to help you understand and heal whatever circumstances you are going trough right now. It is a great opportunity to start your healing journey with a complete set of different tools.

  • We will begin together with the Soul plan reading as this gives you a full spectrum of what your life and spiritual challenges may be. We can also look at how to activate and discover your talents, how to overcome your challenges and reach your goals. It will also help to bring clarity to what your life's purpose could be. Reconnecting your soul with your life's contract.

  • The second stage will involve working on the physical body, grounding and recharging your energies, cleaning and balancing your channels (Chakras, Nadis & Meridian) and aura. We will use a mix of Reiki, Egyptian/Essene therapies and Alternative counselling to bring more clarity and peace to the mind and the emotional field. To fully reconnect with your higher and true self.

  • The third stage will be integrating and healing all of the experience on a heart level, allowing forgiveness for what may have happened. This stage is essential and very transformative, it will allow you to move forward with more authenticity, presence and lightness.

  • The closing part of the journey I will perform a living space energy clearing. It is very important that everything is realigned and coherent to your new vibration. And it is also a very Sacred, Joyful & Creative experience. I will also give you some tips of how to keep your space light and balanced.


  • Soul Plan reading also on paper

  • Any 6 One2One Healing sessions

       (Egyptian/Essene therapies - Reiki  - Alternative Counselling)

  • Space Harmonization and energy Cleaning

  • 1 Workshop at your choice

Pricing & Timing:

We will plan all sessions together.

The full price for the whole package is  £350 Instead od £500.

Healing 360°

One2One & Workshops

In those years of learning, receiving and doing therapies I have realised how important it is to take into consideration all the aspects and dimensions of the human being. From the most physical to the most sublets realities.

My healing work is certainly a flexible and creative mix of techniques and teachings I have learnt and experienced so far, blended together by my strong essenian background.

When you know yourself you become more confident in everything you are and you do, becoming independent in the choices you make.

Harmonizing the Living space

Another aspect that certainly deserves attention is the place you live/work. This can have a very high impact on the quality of your everyday life and your Auric field.

I offer energetic clearings, harmonizations and rebalancing for your personal space using colour therapy, Feng shui, Sound healing, Essenian ceremony and Sacred tools.

This can be integrated into any of the following therapies or made the focus of an individual session.

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