Egyptian/Essene Therapies

Egyptian/Essene Therapies

One2One Session

Timing & Pricing

Approx 90 Minutes

£60 One off session 

£50 Regulars

Concessions available upon request.

Can be included as part of

"The healing Jouney"


Clients who wish to change or cancel an appointment are kindly requested to provide 24hrs notice or 50% of your your treatment will be charged.

The purpose of the Egyptian/Essene treatments is to regain balance within the human being. Allowing deep work to promote the improvement of all of the bodies (physical, creative, ethereal, emotional, causal, mental and spiritual). This also allows us to trace back to the source of discomfort and promote integration and transformation.

What to aspect:

An Essenian-Egyptian therapy session is performed in a very Sacred, soft and intimate environment. At the beginning, the therapist connects with the Divine Essence of Life and tunes with you using a profound harmonization. 

The session will be approx. 90mins. This will begin with a consultation with some alternative counselling integrated. Sometimes I also like to include mindfulness or grounding before we begin with the therapy to allow the body to be fully present and settle.

We will then plan our journey together and how best to achieve your goals.

The use of anointing oils, and the therapist’s hands on major centers and energetic network of your body requires a direct access to the skin. Your undressed body will be professionally covered with cotton sheets and only uncovered in the area that needs to be worked on. It is not a massage, the therapist will perform different pressure and hands on positions on the physical and energetic bodies.

Some of the main tools used within a session:

  • Voice attunement (Milky voice)

  • Sacred, organic and hand made oil

  • Archetypes

  • Incense

  • Candles

Some of the available therapies:

  • Chakra balancing

  • Meridians & Nadis channel cleaning

  • Emotions unbalance

  • Menstrual period blockages

  • Fertility

  • Dependency/addiction

  • Energy stagnation

  • Energetics hooks 

  • Family issues

  • Depression & Stress

  • Thought forms & Egregore

  • Expression blockages

  • Digestions and intolerances

  • Energy dispersion

  • Cronical fatigue

  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies

  • Grounding

  • Inner child

  • Reconnecting with your life purpose

  • Bodies realignment

  • Creativity Issue

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