Egyptian/Essene Therapies

Egyptian/Essene Therapies

Egyptian/Essene therapies are a unique and complete form of energy healing that helps regain balance within the human being. 

The Essenians (Essenes), like the ancient Egyptians, mastered the art of energetic therapies. Both civilizations belonged to a timeless and cosmic tradition based on an in-depth knowledge of the Universal Life of Energy and its circuits.

These therapies represent the basis of excellence in integrating the body with its divine essence, using essential oils and anointment with intention from the practitioner.

These therapies restore an harmonious circulation in the subtle and physical bodies; promoting the screening and elimination of toxic thought-forms, often the origin of many diseases.

They also help identify wounded memories blocked in the body cells, release unhealthy emotions, trace back to the source of discomfort to promote integration and transformation.

(Daniel Meurois)

What to aspect:

An Essenian-Egyptian therapy session is performed in a very Sacred, soft and intimate environment. At the beginning, the therapist connects with the Divine Essence of Life and tunes with you using a profound harmonization. 

The session is approx. 90mins. This will begin with a consultation with some Holistic counselling integrated. Mindfulness, grounding, voice attunement are just some of the tools I also include when necessary within a session to allow the body to be fully present and support the healing. 

The use of anointing organic oils requires a direct access to the skin. Your undressed body will be professionally covered with sheets and only uncovered in the area that needs to be worked on.

It is not a massage, the therapist will perform different pressure and hands on positions on the physical and energetic bodies.

Timing & Pricing

£50 Approx 90 minutes  

Minimum booking: 3 sessions

Concessions available upon request.


Clients who wish to change or cancel an appointment are kindly requested to provide 24hrs notice or 50% of your your treatment will be charged.

Please wear comfortable clothing and allow (if you can) some extra YOU time after the session to integrate the healing.


  • Restoring harmony in the energy circulation of the body through conscious and respectful work​

  • To detect and eventually eliminate/transform the toxic forms thought, often at the origin of diseases

  • Facilitating the awareness of being able to take important steps in one's inner development

  • Releasing hurtful memories stuck in cells

  • Prevent physical and psychological disorders by detecting zones of blockages or intoxication destabilizing the body and its organs

  • Harmonization of chakras, physical body and subtle bodies

  • Treatments on one-organ-s

  • Support for internal advancement, the desire to progress: to lift conscious / unconscious blockages when there is a sensation of stagnation.

         Available Treatments

  • Grounding & Energy balancing 
  • Resynchronization of Soul and Body
  • Grand Fatigue
  • Energetic Leakage of Shoulders
  • Emotional unbalances
  • Depressive States
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Thoughts-Forms & Virus
  • Readjustment of Subtle Bodies
  • Coccygeal & Kidneys Memories
  • Dependency and addiction
  • Circulatory Problems of the Legs
  • Recurring Throat Problems, Laryngeal chakra
  • Regulation of the Thyroid
  • Digestions and intolerances
  • Creativity & Expressive blockages
  • Relationships & Boundaries
  • Stress
  • Family issue

     Feminine Treatments:

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Energetic Disorders: Pregnant Woman, Miscarriages and Abortions
  • Pre and Menopause
  • Infertility

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