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Spiritual Money and Christmas Solstice

Do you feel resistances when it comes to money? Have you noticed an unbalance between giving and receiving in your life? Are you struggling to charge money for your work? Are you an artist, holistic practitioner or a creative person feeling that you don't deserve to be paid for your hard work? Is abundance never on its way even if I have attended all the abundance workshops and read all the books?

If the answer to all or some of this questions is yes, this workshop is the perfect one for you!

Sometimes we focus on the effect, the consequences of something without taking the time to get to the root cause of the blockages.
To transform certain limits into opportunities we have to dig deeper into the more hidden mechanism of our soul.

Some of us may feel inadequate, guilty, shame, possessiveness or superficiality when it comes to money, for others, there is never enough, they are never happy with what they have, becoming obsessed and greedy.

This workshop will allow you to discover and understand the blockages that you may have, causing a complicated and frustrating relationship with money and abundance in general. It will bring to light any sabotaging mechanisms, past trauma, family history and other hidden causes, giving yourself a chance to improve the quality of your life.

I have also chosen this specific time of the year because it is very magical. Beyond the materialistic aspects of Christmas, our Spirits have a real chance to connect with who we truly are and our deepest needs. Not to mention that it will be the winter solstice, another great opportunity to enlighten our path.
During this time we receive so many gifts from the universe, so many opportunities to open doors aligning with our true purpose, if we could just allow ourselves to feel it!

I want to offer a space to connect more with the subtle and more authentic meaning of Christ mas. A space to allow the universal gifts to reach us, and to be integrated in our lives.

11:00 Welcome
11:20 Ganesh and the Muladhara Chakra
12:00 Meeting the resistances within the body (exercise)
12:40 What money means to me? (exercise)
13:15 Break

13:45 Eft and limiting self beliefs
14:40 Giving and receiving (exercise)
15:10 Svadishtana and the 101 desires (exercise)
15:40 Final blessing

Please bring a banknote with you (don't worry you will have it back :)) and a bottle of water.
Wear comfortable clothing
Arrive on time, location will be announced by the end of November


£44 OR 2X£80 Super early birds (Until the 4th of November)
£64 or 2x£104 Early birds (Until the 4th of December)
£74 or 2x130 Normal fees
£84 at the door


You could also book the workshop by making a direct payment to:
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Limited spots available, advanced booking is required

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ENERGY HEALING | Egyptian/Essene Techniques | Level 1

Have you ever felt you have healing abilities but don't know where to start? Would you like to improve and grow your healing gifts? Would you like to discover ancient and sacred healing approaches, which are the foundation of any energetic treatment?

This energy healing, Egyptian/Essene techniques | Level 1 course, fits into whatever background you may have (Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Shamanic...) and will help you integrate new skills, adding something unique to your life and holistic work.
If you are a beginner, this course will give you the perfect basic tools to start practising and discovering “energy” in a safe and sacred environment. When we have a solid base whatever we build on top will last forever.

The aim of this course is to help you to improve and train your natural healing abilities, providing support, guidance and care. By the end of the journey you will be able to create and maintain a professional and compassionate healing space, in which intuition, love and discipline work together.

During this LEVEL 1 Course you will learn some “basic” Egyptian/Essene healing techniques:

- Consecration of the space for healing
- Body subtle scan
- Chakras balancing
- Nadis clearing (parallel, diagonals, the stream)
- Alignment of the subtle bodies
- Dynamization of the Spleen
- Knees and heel activation
- Aura brushing
- Energetic Leakage of the shoulders
- Etheric incision & Etheric extraction
- Healing methods (3 fingers, dropper, grid, incision, astral harm,

Egyptian/Essene therapies are a unique and complete form of energy healing that helps regain balance within the human being. The Essenians (Essenes), like the ancient Egyptians, mastered the art of energetic therapies, based on an in-depth knowledge of the Universal Energy force and its circuits. These therapies restore the harmonious circulation in the subtle and physical bodies. This work allows us not just to cure the symptoms, but to trace back to the source of discomfort, to promote integration and transformation.


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Just bring your heart!

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